Grant Recipients 2018-2019

Foundation Grant Title Building
Energy Bus$500Hillside
English Learner Field Trips$976Loveland
Second Step Bullying Prevention$836Oakdale
Sphero Bots - Coding in the Classroom$949Prairie Lane
Belkin Tablet Stage$149Prairie Lane
Toddlers/Preschoolers Regulation Station/Tools$1,000Underwood Hills
Project Search TimeStation Project$422Children's Hospital/ABC
Transition Update$1,000Transition
Brainpop Saves the Day$230Sunset Hills
Sunset Hills Summer Book Club$869Sunset Hills
S.T.E.M. in Kindergarten$621Swanson
Reading Materials$983Westgate
Social Emotional (SEL) Read alouds$232Westgate
Guided Math Games$1,074Westbrook
Family Game Night$600Westbrook
Early Childhood Family Engagement Center$585Westbrook
WMS Library Tinker Lab$830Westside Middle School
Abstract Paint Pouring Genius Hour Series$400Westside Middle School
Little Warrior STEM Camp$1,073Westside Middle School
Buzzers For The Win$500Westside High School
Organic Chemistry Equipment$800Westside High School
English 2 - Lord of the Flies$800Westside High School
Classroom Library$600Westside High School
Scientific Calculators$800Westside High School
Warrior Brew Crew$300Westside High School
Information Technology Fundamentals$1,000Westside High School
Nebraska Science Festival$800District Wide