Stadium Project

The Westside Foundation and Westside Community Schools are currently engaged in a fund raising effort to secure funds to update the athletic stadium entrance located on the Westside High School site at 8701 Pacific Street, Omaha, Nebraska.

In 2003-04, the Westside Foundation raised $1.5 million for a Phase I project to install new artificial turf on the playing field, an 8-lane track, ADA accessible seating, and a new ticket booth. Now ten years later we are excited to undertake the Phase II renovation by redoing the entrance, the concession stand, and the restrooms—which were left untouched during Phase I.  A new picnic area and naming wall will also be part of the project.

The current entrance and the facilities in the stadium are drastically in need of repair. The bathrooms were built so long ago that they no longer meet building codes for the number of stalls needed to accommodate the number of fans the stadium holds. The concession stand is small and outdated and does not have running water to the building. The existing entrance has remained unchanged since its original construction. While it is functional, it has no personality or meaning and does not recognize the rich history for which the school and community are known.

Our goal is to raise $660,000 to create a new entrance we will call Champions Plaza.

Those entering the athletic stadium will walk through the plaza formed by two 13-foot walls covered with plaques celebrating the State Championships of the 19 NSAA sponsored sports at Westside High School. The Pate Memorial will be restored. It honors Westside graduate Tom Pate, who died tragically while playing in the Canadian football league. At the end of the corridor, fans will find a curved brick Champions Plaza wall fronting three flagpoles that proudly fly the American flag, the state flag and the Westside flag. In addition, Champions Plaza will feature an upgraded concessions stand that meets current sanitation standards and provides more work space and improved retail space, an added picnic area that lets patrons sit down to enjoy concession stand purchases before or during the game, and expanded and improved restroom facilities that meet current codes and adequately serve the number of fans the stadium will hold.