Before and After School Program (Club 66)

Mission Statement

The mission of the Westside Early Childhood and Before & After School Programs is to provide a safe, engaging educational environment for children ages 18 months through sixth grade. The program offers developmentally appropriate opportunities for children to grow and develop socially, emotionally, intellectually, and physically with the support and guidance of competent and compassionate adults.

Philosophy Statement
Westside Community Schools recognizes that young children learn best in an environment that provides opportunities for development and growth of the whole child: physically, emotionally, socially and intellectually. To nurture this development requires a philosophy that allows children time and opportunity to:

• stimulate curiosity and enthusiasm for learning.

• engage in purposeful and playful work.

• develop self-motivation, self-discipline and self-direction toward purposeful goals.

• experience growth pertaining to decision-making, problem solving and creative thinking.

• express themselves through language, drawing, writing, movement and the use of materials and resources.

• participate in guided and informal learning experiences.


Program Information
Club “66” is dedicated to making extended school time a safe, fun and enjoyable experience. Arts and crafts, physical activity, center time, group activities, music, free movement and computers are among the many activities we offer.  Children will be encouraged to participate in activities, but may choose to read, listen to music, do homework, or just have some quiet time to themselves. One of the goals for this program is to create a structured environment with many options so the children feel free to participate in any activity they choose.  We strive to make Club 66 a place where children can’t wait to come to every day. Our staff uses a facilitative approach, encouraging and guiding when necessary.

• All 10 elementary locations operate a Before & After School Program (Club 66).

• Hours of operations: 6:30-8:30am & 3:30-6:00pm, Monday through Friday on school days; 6:30am-6:00pm on pre-register care days and snow days.

• Open during Fall/Spring Intersessions, school breaks, snow days and provide a Summer Program.

• All sites are licensed by the State of Nebraska’s Department of Health and Human Services.


2017-2018 School Year Rates and Fees

• $50 enrollment fee (per child)

• $4 per hour

• 7 hour minimum per week

• Daily Rate of $30

Click here for a complete 2017-2018 Rate Sheet

Hillside Before & After Program 402-884-3825
Loveland Before & After Program 402-390-2298
Oakdale Early Childhood Center 402-390-8206
Paddock Early Childhood Center 402-390-2297
Prairie Lane Early Childhood Center 402-390-8209
Rockbrook Early Childhood Center 402-390-8208
Sunset Early Childhood Center 402-390-8203
Swanson Before & After Program 402-390-3324
Westbrook Early Childhood Center 402-390-8205
Westgate Early Childhood Center 402-390-8202


Julie Oelke, M.Ed

WECC Program Director