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Westside Alumni Association

The Westside Alumni Association (Westside High School, Omaha, Nebraska) strives to keep our past connected with our future– from the Class of 1953 to our future alumni from this year's graduating class. The "We" in Westside includes you, your memories and shared experiences as Warriors. Stay connected with your friends and classmates, update your address and your email.  Explore the Westside Alumni Association's website to find out how to stay in touch and support our shared mission and values. Your Westside experience does not end with graduation–once a warrior, always a warrior!  Connect with us on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.


2 weeks ago

Westside Alumni Association

One of the first projects sponsored by the Westside Foundation was to lease this Texaco station on Pacific as a lab for WHS vocational students. When the Omaha 1975 Tornado destroyed the station just a few months later, the Foundation raised more than $8,000 in just one week, creating the District 66 Emergency Relief Fund.

You can help this incredible organization, and directly impact our students! Join us at the Westside Foundation Party on Pacific on Friday, August 17th at the Alumni House!

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